Gallery Space

A new canvas for physical and digital art.

The Idea

There are more talented artists today than art galleries. Gallery Space seeks to help new and eclectic artists find an audience by creating a virtual space for displaying art. Users can move around the gallery and pause to reflect in front of each painting. In the future, social features might be added to share commentary on artwork or to inhabit a space with other gallery patrons.

The Design

Design Goals

  • Simple – Users only need to enter a web url and the gallery will load art automatically.
  • Expandable – Additional gallery rooms appear as needed, creating an infinite canvas.


A prototype for HTC Vive allows users to enter a web url for any artist's portfolio. The prototype will then crawl the HTML and look for any images that are high enough resolution to display in the gallery. The images will be automatically downloaded and displayed on the gallery walls, with additional rooms in the gallery opening up based on the number of images found.

Art fills each open canvas on the gallery walls, automatically scaling its frame to the ideal size.
Sunlight filters down from above to illuminate each piece.

The user can navigate around the space using room-scale tracking, or teleportation in smaller spaces.
Rooms have a variety of layouts to increase visual interest.