Building digital structures in the physical world.

The Idea

ARcraft builds upon user interest in designing and constructing digital worlds. ARcraft enables users to build 3D structures in a digital environent and anchor these creations to the physical world. A range of cube designs are available so that users can express their creativity and use the platform in new and exciting ways.

The Design

Design Goals

  • Empowerment – Inexperienced users can build complex 3D structures and environments
  • Participation – Users can save their creations and share with others



  • Build – New blocks are formed by tapping on an existing block.
  • Switch – The texture for each block can be changed to grass, wood, water, or other types.


A functioning prototype was built to quickly test concepts and iterate on UI layout.

ARcraft was created using Argon, a web-based augmented reality development environment from Georgia Tech.


User Feedback

Users downloaded the demo and provided feedback on how the experience could be improved. These suggestions were prioritized for further work on the experience.


You can try out ARcraft:

  1. Download Argon for your iPad from the iTunes App Store.
  2. Print out this target image.
  3. Click this url on your iPad: Argon://
  4. Point your camera at the target image, and get ready to build.